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Using Facebook Professionally

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Facebook is more than a platform for sharing pictures and connecting with friends; it is a marketing platform of many business tools that allow a connection with customers and employees to you.

By using Facebook, employers can connect with previous co-workers and potential friends of the business. The big difference between Facebook and LinkedIn is that people are usually real friends or friends of friends. With LinkedIn, people are often a superficial connection that may not be a true connection. Facebook has a “realness” attached to it; it is genuine.

Look at the things shared on your Facebook timeline; choose posts that are appropriate for your profession to know. People will scroll through your Facebook page to develop their own perspective of you. These are potential connections for your business. Keep inner workings of your life private and the other parts of your life selective. This will only benefit you and your connections – both short term and long term.

By linking your Facebook to other platforms such as Instagram, blogs, or other social media, people can view portfolios of your work. Update all of your accounts and keep them connected to each other. This will give a full spectrum of your accomplishments easily. Be proud of the achievements in your life!

Likewise, post photos that best showcase who you are. Chose photos that display interactions with the people that you are close to: friends and family. Select photos of events that you are excited to attend or have attended. Use images to “decorate” your Facebook profile to present the best snapshot of yourself for others to see. People that are enticed by your page should not see your entire life; just portions that show your professional life and part of your identity.

Selectively “like” items on Facebook. Every post you like is viewable; this is an insight into the professional fields that spike your interest. By liking every page that is funny or every meme that made you laugh, you will give yourself too wide of net. Pick posts that align with your professional quests.

In all, Facebook is a platform for marketing yourself as a person that people should WANT to be connected to; be someone that SHOULD be connected with genuinely.

I hope this was  helpful to you.

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