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About Us


The BeneChoice Companies have been delivering results since 2000. Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers.

3 Questions of Promoting The BeneChoice Companies 

1. Why do we love what we do?

We love what we do because we directly help lower costs and solve one of the biggest challenges of employers; the rising cost of employee benefits. Most employers don’t know there are options!

2. Why choose us over our competition?

Our competition only sells one of several insurance and benefits options; however, We are three companies in one: (1) a Benefit Communications company (2) an Enrollment Company (3) and a Supplemental Company. At no cost to the employer, we communicate and enroll their entire benefits package – even those that we don’t directly offer such as Flexible Spending Accounts and 401-K Retirement Plans.

3. A powerful passionate story about helping a client

One story that depicts what weknow is the right business for us is the owner of a hair salon gave the employees of her new and existing locations the opportunity to cover the gaps in their benefits package. One of the products that she purchased herself was a Cancer Insurance policy. Three months after owning the policy she was unfortunately diagnosed with Cancer. She did in fact beat it because of early detection, however, the payments she received from the policy paid her unforeseen expenses associated with the illness. The most unexpected thing she did was to take the time to call and thank me for offering it because she was able to also keep her business open while she was being treated…All because of the finances provided from a $20.00 a month policy!

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.

4. The following describes the type of product(s) and service(s) we offer:

Benefits Enrollment and Communications for government organizations, businesses and associations to help employees understand the numerous choices and the value of those choices. At no cost to the employer, we communicate and enroll their entire benefits package – even those that we don’t directly offer such as Flexible Spending Accounts and 401-K Retirement Plans.

Voluntary & Group Insurance Products, to include Health Insurance, Short-Term Disability, Cancer Insurance, Hospital Confinement, Critical Illness, Long-Term Care Coverage, Wellness Benefits & Life Insurance. These products are made available by employers, yet owned by the employee & cover out-of-pocket expenses not covered by health insurance.

Benefits Consulting to organizations and insurance brokers to: (1) offer solutions to lower cost of healthcare inflation; (2) help stay current on trends in benefits and (3) implement changes in benefits plans.

5. Examples of qualified referrals for us would be:

Government organizations such as states, cities, counties, school systems, two-year colleges, universities and federal government organizations such as VA hospitals, Social Security Administration, Federal prisons, & Military organizations. Medical organizations such as hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, doctor offices and clinics. Manufacturing and Industrial Companies such as construction companies, trucking companies, manufacturing companies. I am interested in getting a personal introduction to the business owner, office manager, department head who makes the decisions about benefits programs. Titles include Owner, President, V.P. of Human Resources, Risk Manager. Individuals who don’t have access to payroll deducted benefits such as health insurance, short-term disability and long-term-care coverage.

6. Examples of referrals that are NOT what we need are:

Referral prospects that are not expecting my call.

7. The following scenario describes the perfect referral for us:

A decision maker who is frustrated by healthcare inflation. Ask them: “May I have the courtesy of your office to introduce you to The BeneChoice Companies?”