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The BeneChoice Companies is an insurance, financial, and employee benefits provider, extending services to both employers and employees alike. 

The BeneChoice Companies specializes in benefits enrollment, benefits communication with your employees.

  • Assist employers in managing the rising cost of effective employee benefits packages.
  • Conduct employee education and communication on their benefits packages at no extra cost to employers. Many employees do not understand what is offered.
  • Provide insurance and employee benefits to employees and their families. 
  • Identify and fill the gaps for people whose insurance plans leave them vulnerable. They can assist in restoring peace of mind through insurance and financial products that complete their coverage.
  • Provide state-of-the-art Wellness and Flexible Spending Account Programs that improve employee health and reduce healthcare costs.
  • Recommend appropriate benefits that are cost effective and appropriate for your profession.
  •  Alert you to appropriate business continuation strategies in which insurance or securities can be used as a funding vehicle.
  • Shop the market on your behalf  educating you on the strength of contract and Carrier.
  • Perform analytical side-to-side comparisons of cost and benefits giving you evidence of the survey.
  • Develop communication material for your editorial review designed to attract and retain talent.
  • Communicate benefits with competent appropriately incentivized personnel on a one on one basis and in group presentations.
  • Inform your firm on issues of compliance, ERISA, COBRA, pertinent to its fiduciary responsibilities as they relate to the firm’s benefits.

Insurance Offered:

Critical Illness
Hospital Confinement
Long-Term Care
Flexible Spending Accounts
Medical Insurance
Legal Insurance
Corporate Insurance
Group Health Insurance
Group Disability
Group Life
Group Dental
Group Long-Term Care
Group Legal Insurance
Qualified Retirement Cafeteria Plans

Some organizations The BeneChoice Companies serves:

  • Cities/States
  • School systems; colleges and universities
  • Federal government organizations
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Doctor offices and clinics
  • Construction companies
  • Trucking companies
  • Manufacturing companies

Case Study:

The BeneChoice Companies provided all open enrollment services above at no cost to the City of Montgomery in exchange for their support and assistance with ensuring that all benefit eligible employees were able to meet with a BeneChoice Companies benefits counselor during enrollment. In fact, the City of Montgomery was so committed to the process that they strongly suggested all their employees attend the group meetings and one-to-one counseling sessions. The results speak for themselves.


  • 94% of employees (2800 employees) met with The BeneChoice Companies benefit counselors for one-to-one educational meetings
  • Increased employee awareness and understanding in their benefits package
  • Tripled the number of participants in Flexible Spending Account saving tens of thousands of dollars to the City of Montgomery’s budget.