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Video: Make Your Benefits Count


Learn how Colonial Life helps businesses and employees make their benefits count.

Watch this VIDEO now.

Colonial Life representatives have been working with working Americans for over 70 years, helping them understand their benefits.

Do you need help or advice understanding your benefits? That is what Colonial does through their one on one approach.
There are well over 6500 benefit specialist across the US and we help over 60K businesses.
Managing benefits is now easy. Colonial handles your open enrollment, carriers, paperwork, employee understanding, communications and help the employer manage their costs better.
Your local Colonial rep at Benechoice Companies will help your associates identify the gaps in their plans. We’ll even show them how their choices affect their paychecks and contributions.
Most employers LOVE that that their is one single electronic file uploaded into the payroll system when open enrollment is done.
It is a great feeling knowing that employees understand their benefits.
Our agents are here to help brokers too. We help them help their clients, strengthening all those relationships as well.
Colonial is at the TOP in products, innovation, communication and our relationship based approach.
Are you ready to start making benefits count?