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86% of Employees Participate In A Particular Wellness Program

There are varying views on whether wellness programs assist with people cutting those unwanted pounds. Critics have even gone so far as to claim that these programs are actually counter-productive because they shame employees about their weight.

A survey released from HealthMine (a wellness company) points out the potential of such programs besides weight-loss.

According to the poll of 501 people with a heart disease, 43% said their condition was identified through a wellness program. In addition, the poll found that 68% participate in a wellness program that includes a disease management program, and most (86%) participate in that particular program.

“Heart disease strikes someone in the U.S. once about every 43 seconds. But, we have the power to lessen the impact,” said Bryce Williams, CEO of HealthMine. “Through personal clinical engagement, we can help people find out sooner, learn what they need to do and motivate them to do it.”

79% of respondents noted that their wellness plan helped them manage their health care costs. 42% said it actually helped them quite a bit.

Wellness programs have scored a number of legal and political victories over the past year.

Not only has the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission proposed a rule allowing companies to issue financial incentives up to 30 percent of the cost of its health insurance, but the EEOC’s own suit against a company that required employees to partake in biometric screenings to be eligible for company health care was rejected by a federal judge in December.

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