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Keep Your Staff – Employee Perks

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As you sit at your office and think about all of the other things you’d rather be doing or the things you would like to make your job or workplace more enjoyable, jot them down. I’ll be asking you in a minute for some feedback on how some employee perks could make your life better. If I don’t cover what you want, feel free to give your suggestions below.


When it comes to keeping and retaining talent, a few simple perks can increase productivity and overall happiness. Some only cost a few dollars, and some are completely free.


Think about offering such things like:

  • Break-room cookies and meeting treats
  • Free lunch once a month
  • Picnic tables outside where people can gather
  • Firepit
  • Bring your pet to work day
  • Holiday decorations
  • Casual Fridays, or a general no tie policy
  • A game room – if you can’t afford a ppo table, try a second-hand game console
  • Happy hour (for employees who are not driving!)


The biggest thing you could offer…and it is a big one…flexible working.


Flexible working means scheduling a doctor’s appointment without needing to take a sick day. It means the ability to take that evening class, or pick up the kids from school one day a week. It costs you nothing and it can mean the world to your employees.


Flexible working can include:

  • Working from home one or more days a week
  • Allowing employees to work a compressed work week
  • Job-sharing arrangements
  • Working a reduced schedule as part of a phased retirement plan


80% of employers reported an improvement in productivity as a result of a flexible working plan.

Remember you list? Look at it and tell us what we’ve missed. We’d love to know what kind of employee perks you would like (if we didn’t mention them here)?

Highest regards,