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Educate Your Employees About Financial Wellness Programs

The role of the modern company has changed. Not only do we pay wages and benefits but it is now our responsibility to teach our teams about financial wellness.  Employers can play a huge role in educating their staff about ways to protect the wages they earn.


According to, “A new survey by Norwalk, Connecticut-based business services company Xerox of 500 benefit managers from large employers found that just over half are either planning on putting in place a financial wellbeing program for employees or are already in the process of implementing one.”


The fact is most workers today are financially ill vs. financially healthy.

Perhaps your company would like to put together a package of comprehensive services that protect the employee’s wages or help them in the event of life’s happenings: illness, tragedy and death of a family member.


There are certainly things you can do to make your employees know you care about them and that you are taking care of them as well as you can. When your organization partners with ours, you look like the hero in that we are experts in what we do which allows you to be the expert at what you do.
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