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Learn Why You Need Disability Insurance

I get it; you are healthy. You are young. You have a successful career. You may or may not have started your family. Why think about the daunting idea of disability insurance and furthermore, why have it?

Why? Because you NEED your income and beginning becoming disabled is not something your “young age” will save you from getting.

Think about this: one of your most valuable assets while young is your ability to earn an income. When surveyed, people ranked their top three important things in life as having a home, having their health, and having an income. If the threat of one is at stake, all are at stake. If your health declines, you’re unable to go to work thus lowering your income and threatening having a roof over your head for a home.

This brings up a very important question: what are you doing to protect the things that are the most valuable to you? How do you protect your home, health, and income?

The answer is simple: disability insurance.

Disability insurance can be purchased through your workplace or individually. It can provide an affordable financial safety net; a way to protect you and your family’s way of life. When you think about your daily expenses – the mortgage, utilities, food, gas etc – think about what you’d be able to pay if you were disabled short term or long term. Disability insurance gives you the peace of mind to not worry about a total loss of income should something happen.

Realistically, the odds work more in the favour of something happening to put you out of work, if even only briefly. Think about this: you have a 1 in 259,000,000 that you will win the lotto jackpot, but you have a 1 in 4 chance that you will be disabled during your career. With gambling odds being 25% against you and the protection of your family is at stake, disability insurance is a safety net worth having!

Talk to your employer about your options for disability insurance to find the best solution to for your individual needs.

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Do Well With Wellness

Wellness programs can pay dividends for both employers and their employees.

The BeneChoice Companies, wellness, employee, benefits

The best part is that you don’t need to make a major investment to see a great return.

Why promote employee wellness?

Wellness programs have been shown to create happier, healthier employees and a more productive workforce.

A 2010 study in Health Affairs found that every dollar a business spends on wellness causes medical costs to drop $3.27, and absenteeism costs to drop $2.73.

Ron Loeppke, MD, MPH, told EHSToday that in his study of one large company, he found the company lost eight days of productivity per full-time employee every year due to both absenteeism and presenteeism (coming to work despite being sick).

How to promote employee wellness

There are several cost-efficient ways to instill a wellness culture in your business.

Inc.com suggests making healthy food available, restricting weekend work and promoting friendly fitness competitions. You could even purchase pedometers for your employees (they only cost a few dollars) and use them to score your weekly or monthly competitions.

The Wall Street Journal recommends removing junk food from the vending machines and offering education about the benefits of healthy eating.

Communication is key

The Wall Street Journal encourages businesses to keep their focus on improving employee health. Communicate how your company is conducting the wellness program, first and foremost, because you care about your employees’ well-being.

While money-saving and productivity increases may be side-benefits of your efforts, your employees should know their health comes first, and matters most, to you.

You don’t need a big budget to do wellness well. Try implementing a few small changes and see how you can improve the health of your employees and business.


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